Greenbelt East Advisory Coalition known as GEAC was established in 1986 as a coalition of the Boards of Directors of the Greenbelt East homeowners and condominium associations.  The membership is open to representatives from the Board members of any such multi-family association within the Greenbelt City limits east of the Baltimore Washington Parkway.

GEAC’s monthly meetings are forums where representatives appointed by each member Board can discuss and achieve a united position on matters of interest to Greenbelt and Greenbelt East in order to present these positions to the City of Greenbelt and other government entities, as well as to Greenbelt East citizens as a whole through their various homeowner boards.

GEAC welcomes visits from any Greenbelt or Greenbelt East homeowners who wish to attend to listen and/or share information and ideas. Meetings are usually the first Thursday of each month (except December), at 7:30 p.m. in the community centers of the various member associations.